Sr. Manufacturing Engineer (Medical)

Job description

Benchmark is a global partner focused on designing and developing electronic products and providing services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We work for companies that make an impact with their innovations, we develop new products that improve safety, health or convenience.
We deliver these products from product design to volume production and even directly to the end user. This entire process, from design to production, is carried out entirely in Almelo.

What you can expect
As a Senior Manufacturing Engineer (Medical) you will be part of our industrialization team and work on the production of medical products. Within this team you are responsible for the design of the manufacturing process, for new products for the medical market. As an Engineer you pull out all the stops to make complex assemblies simple. You foresee risks that may occur during volume production and you try to mitigate these risks. You contribute to an optimal industrialization, which meets the requirements of external and internal customers.

What you can add
You will work in close consultation with the customer and your project team. You will act as a technical intermediary between production and customer in industrialization projects, where you are responsible for setting up an efficient production process. In order to realize this, you will take care of the validation of the production processes, including the training of the employees directly involved in order to achieve the best result together with your team.

How you add value

  • You find it challenging to make complex processes simpler;
  • You add value to the product design by providing feedback on any risks in the manufacturing process;
  • You ensure a lean production process, where process steps are balanced with each other and where no unnecessary actions take place;
  • You are continuously aware of the requirements and wishes of your external and internal customers, such as the Medical Device Regulations: the FDA, MDR and/or IVDR, as well as to the ISO 13485.

You have the following tasks

  • You receive data packages from the product design, with drawings and parts lists and you check them for usability; 
  • In addition, you understand the requirements and wishes for industrialization;
  • Where possible you participate in DFMEAs where you identify any risks in the manufacturing process and create a control plan for risks that cannot be mitigated;
  • You initiate DfX analyses (Design for Assembly, Design for Manufacturing, Design for Test) that feed back into the product design;
  • You make proposals for the 'make or buy' decision of products and arrange the production systems for the purpose of traceability and process assurance;
  • You make a concept manufacturing process 'value stream map' and map out the possible failure modes (PFMEA);
  • You make a training plan for the Operators and a maintenance plan for the production equipment; 
  • Where necessary you optimize the design of the production process by adding tools and poka-yoke solutions;
  • Finally, you have responsibility for the production line floor plan and test the feasibility of applying new production tools.

Job requirements

Job requirements

  • You have a completed college and/or university degree in a technical direction (e.g. Mechanical or Electrical Engineering);
  • You have experience with and knowledge of the production of medical products;
  • In addition, you are familiar with the Medical Device Regulations such as the FDA, MDR and/or IVDR that must be complied with, as well as the ISO 13485;
  • You have extensive experience with production processes and resources and have spatial insight and skills to be able to visualize in early stages of design projects how a product will be put together and which production processes are needed;
  • You are able to map the requirements and wishes, and possible underexposed aspects of these, in coordination with the customer and know how to ask the customer about these;
  • You have knowledge of process validation methods, Lean and statistical techniques such as capability studies and measurement system analyses;
  • Finally, you are able to coordinate with Process Engineers on the application of existing production processes and feasibility of new production processes.

What do we offer?
A work environment where you are part of a global company. You will work in independent teams where we are open to new initiatives and ideas from everyone. You will work in a dynamic environment that offers you the space to make quick steps, to grow, also through our Benchmark Academy and to get responsibility. These steps are possible within and outside your current job area. Within this environment, the work is not only challenging, but above all fun.

We offer excellent conditions in addition to an appropriate salary such as:

  • 27 vacation days and 13 ATV days;
  • Flexible working hours. As long as you make sure your work is done on time, there is the possibility within Benchmark to arrange your working hours in a flexible way;
  • Broad development opportunities. Within Benchmark there are numerous possibilities to develop yourself. Both within and outside your job;
  • Entrepreneurship is seen, appreciated and stimulated.


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